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From The Desk Of Dave Sharpe

I’ve been teaching online marketing for nearly 10 years…

And every once in a while one of my students will blow me away.

This time it was four of them.

The Quick Back Story…

They were all looking for a faster and easier way to get leads than all the "traditional" marketing strategies.

[X] They’d posted videos on Youtube, but it was taking too long.

[X] They’d run ads, but their accounts got “slapped”.

[X] They’d written blog posts. And more blog posts.

[X] They’d “added and chatted” with friends on FB.

[X] They’d posted motivational memes on IG.

[X] They’d done the things that DO work, but take time…

...and they wanted results NOW.

And boy did they find they find RESULTS. Big time.

Call them lazy or just “creative” -- either way…

They’d Cracked The “Lazy Man's Code” To Endless Free Leads


I was actually kind of pissed they were getting such great results...doing such little work.

I mean… c’mon. 

I’ve been preaching for years “you gotta be willing to invest the time and effort to get the results”...

And along come these four “dudes” who blow that theory out of the water.

Even More Interesting and Exciting...

3-out-of-4 of these “dudes” are all in their FIRST year of marketing online.

So no...

They’re not gurus. None of them had “big lists” or audiences.

Yet, they’re using this “15 Second Free Leads” formula to open a flood gate of free leads…

...all from this little free app called TikTok... 

...that almost everyone is overlooking right now!

You know the ones…

...the same losers who said FB, IG, and Snap “were for kids”... 

...and are all saying the same thing about Tik Tok right now.

Here’s why I’m bringing this to you today...because: 

I Only See 2 Reasonable Options Moving Forward...

OPTION 1: You can join the "losers club" and come crawling back to this lead generation “free-for-all” later (like they all did with FB, IG, and Snap)...

OPTION 2: You can jump on this smoking hot, incredibly exciting opportunity to get free leads flowing into any affiliate offer you’re promoting... 

...or any course, coaching program, or service you’re selling… using the “15 Second Free Leads” formula starting today.

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The "15 Second Free Leads" formula is easy to do...and easy to learn! Here's what you'll discover inside...

Part 1
Endless 15-Second Video Topics

In Part 1: Jake, full-time Youth Pastor from Greensboro, NC will show you how to create a never-ending vault of content ideas that will ensure an endless flow of free traffic into your business! 

Jake traded penny stocks right out of college and even sold sneakers online... and finally, in October of 2019 using the “15 Second Free Leads” formula... he finally “cracked the code” and is having amazing newfound success online.

Part 2
The Perfect TikTok Profile

In Part 2: Matt, a full-time online marketing vet from the suburbs of Detroit will give you the "6-Point TikTok Profile Optimization Framework" to create a TikTok profile that will generate an unstoppable amount of free leads!

Matt is so excited about this formula because he has never seen such a fast and easy lead generation formula anyone can do

Part 3
Get TikTok To Share Your Videos

In Part 3: Jonathan, who recently quit his full-time job as an electrical engineer in March 2020 (mostly due to the "15 Second Leads" formula)... will show you how to use the TikTok algorithm to your advatage to have TikTok share your videos for FREE!

Jonathan is now able to spend time with his wife and new baby daughter and no longer has to beg his boss for time off. Heck, he recently posted in our FB group that HIS BOSS BEGGED HIM to come back to work! He politely declined...

Part 4
Post Exactly What Your Audience Wants

In Part 4: Dom will reveal how he generated 1000+ followers and made 5 affiliate sales within the first 2 weeks of opening his accounts... because he figured out how to know exactly what his audience wanted before posting a single video. He knew he was going to win before stepping out on the field. 

You’ll also learn how he used current events and a “reality TV series” style approach to explode his follower count in the first 7-days

Part 5
TikTok For Technophobes

In Part 5: Matt will break down how to use the app, different functions of the app, and he'll even share his phone screen LIVE so you can see him post a video in real time...

...For those who are a little 'tech challenged' this will be invaluable... and completely remove any fear of getting started on this RIGHT NOW.

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...laid out, step-by-step, for you to devour.

So join me inside...

...and discover the skills you need to launch your own digital marketing business.

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge is not just another “course”. 

You’ll get the foundational training you need.

You’ll be guided to create an actual business plan.

You’ll get a funnel and your email list set-up properly ready to capture and convert all your new, free leads into sales!

You’ll get FB Ads Templates, High-Ticket Email Templates, Bridge page video script, and an introduction to short form content…

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Now you see why students love it! 

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Be Legendary,
David Sharpe

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"15 Second Free Leads" Training Course
Bonus: The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge
Bonus: Facebook Ads Templates
Bonus: High-Ticket Email Templates
Bonus: High-Ticket Video Scripts
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Bonus: Personal 1-on-1 Business Plan Consult

 Go ahead, take 30 days and try it.

Because you're covered by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. At any time, just email our support desk at the address or open a live chat in your members area and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Everything You Get For Just $1

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